Shanghai Dragons announces assistant coach Levi and completes new coaching team

After recently announcing the appointment of the new head coach, Seung-hwan "BlueHaS" Wi, along with six new players, Shanghai Dragons of the Overwatch League have completed their new coaching team with the announcement of Levi - Jeong Chung-Hyeok as the assistant coach. The team’s new lineup is now ready for battle. They will compete in Season 2 of Overwatch League under the leadership of Head Coach BlueHaS and Assistant Coaches Levi and CREED.

Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons Assistant Coach Profiles:

Assistant Coach Levi - Jeong Chung-Hyeok: Coach Levi started coaching with the South Korean OC team, Element Mystic, in 2017. He began his Overwatch career as a support player, a member of the South Korean team Rhinos Titan, and was previously a teammate of Munchkin who is current dps player of Seoul Dynasty. After Rhinos Titan disbanded, Levi used his extensive knowledge of Overwatch and his talent in tactic formulation to reinvent himself as a coach successfully. He then joined the newly formed Element Mystic. The young team followed in his footsteps and showed promising potential right from the start. At the Nexus Cup Annual Finals 2017, Element Mystic won third place after losing to KongDoo Panthera, which was led by the current head coach of the Shanghai Dragons BlueHaS, in the semi-finals. After the initiation of Overwatch Contenders in South Korea, Element Mystic stood out as an undefeated team in Season 1 group stage. The team later returned after restructuring and advanced to the Top 4 in Season 2. Their only loss was to S2 winner RunAway.

Although Levi started his coaching career only a year ago, he has already accumulated an impressive resume and his players have displayed a lot of talent, with many of whom joining all-star teams later on. During the inaugural season of the "Overwatch League", former Element Mystic captain Fearless was first to join Shanghai Dragons in Stage 2. During the autumn transfer window, Flex player Guard joined the reigning champion, London Spitfire, and Support player Jecse joined Seoul Dynasty. Recently, Tank player Pokpo and Daco joined Atlanta Reign. As evidenced by the paths his former players have been granted, Levi's talent and experience as a coach make him highly qualified to help BlueHaS lead Shanghai Dragons.

BlueHaS, the current Shanghai Dragons head coach, has leaned towards helping the team build up its stability and has been steering it with steady hands. In contrast, Levi is very sensitive to changes from version to version and amazingly skilled in reinventing tactics, so he often takes opponents by surprise. We believe Levi will expand the tactical options of Shanghai Dragons with two coaches complementing one another's strengths. The addition of Assistant Coach CREED, who has a good grasp on the big picture and experience as a leader, provides the team with an even more powerful coaching team.

All of the Shanghai Dragons players have arrived in Shanghai and have already begun intense preparations for battle. We are confident that under the leadership of these three coaches, the nine Shanghai Dragons players, Diya, diem, YOUNGJIN, DDing, Fearless, Geguri, GuardiaN, Luffy, and CoMa, will be able to stay positive, keep growing, and build up experience to rise above others and deliver a better performance in the League.