When the morning sun shines its first light on dragon’s scale — Introduction to new members of Shanghai Dragons

When the dragon’s scales bath in sunlight and reflect its dazzle, the oriental dragon is sharpening his claws, and thus a new power is ready to rise.

Anticipated and long-awaited, four new members of Shanghai Dragons finally arrive at Blizzard Arena, located in LA, US, and meet the rest of the team already fighting in the OWL. Shanghai Dragons were one of the few teams that have only one nationality in the OWL. Familiar teammates and common language helped young players find their competitive fitness faster in a foreign country. However, a static team also meant fewer composition rotations for Shanghai Dragons.

Four new members are tremendous boosts to the strength of Shanghai Dragons. A diversity of teamwork style and tactics will bring fans a different Shanghai Dragons in the future. As Koreans players become a necessity in OWL teams, three new Korean additions will bring a boost to Shanghai Dragons’ specific roles as well as team cohesion. Four new Asian faces and the spark when Chinese and Korean esports’ evolving methodologies meet are the secret weapons of the team.

Familiar faces, and also subjects of the talk are among the four new additions. The Blizzard Arena, under the spotlight-bright, has its luck as it welcomes new stars, who will showcase their extraordinary skills in red & yellow jerseys.

“Genius Girl” Geguri


Geguri will not be an unfamiliar name even for the new followers of Overwatch esports scene. Geguri is a real star of Overwatch, ever since the game became popular.

Geguri went popular because of her stream, and she soon came under suspicion for hacking. However, truth speaks louder than anything. Geguri, who never played an esports game before Overwatch, proved that she IS the star Overwatch needs with her stunning gameplay. As Korean Overwatch pro scene develops, Geguri’s ordinary life changed forever. She decided to play in the highest level of Overwatch pro leagues — where there were no female players at all. Geguri did not stop at being the topic, as she understands that the best answer to suspicions is being better at the game and winning matches.

When OWL kicked off, there was some confusion that why no team had signed this incredibly talented player. Geguri’s joining Shanghai Dragons is not only a breakthrough on the gender issue of the OWL but also an addition of another achiever in Overwatch. Geguri, who earned fame by playing Zarya, is among the best tank players on the ladder. She will be the ultimate weapon of the tank line. In the meantime, D.Va is Geguri’s second best hero for better development in pro scene and team play. She will finish the brawl in the heat of the battle, and lead the charge during the counter-attack.

“Super tank” Fearless


If Geguri makes Shanghai Dragons one of the best team on defense in OWL, Fearless is the bayonet coupled with a trustworthy shield. Due to the uniqueness of Overwatch game, being able to stand your ground sometimes means more than fierce attacks. Tank players play pivotal roles in the game. Moreover, Fearless excels at protecting his teammates, as well as smashing opponents with his hammer.

Fearless, with the hero pool of Winston, Reinhardt, and Roadhog, forms one of the best tank lines in the league along with Geguri. During his pro career back in Korea, he helped his former team win APEX Challengers Season 5, and a third-place in 2017 NEXUS Cup Grand-finals. Fearless is 20 this year, an age not considered too young in Overwatch pro players. However, he still won the name of “player with most potential” during APEX. Fearless plays truly “Fearless-ly” as a highly aggressive tank.

Fearless became a tank player for his kindness in the game. Overwatch players enjoy playing offensive heroes for kills, which forced Fearless onto other roles to help the team before he turned pro. He later found that Winston and other tanks are exactly “his game”. Fearless wastes no time in the game. He never misses a single opportunity to attack. The fearless gorilla will smash every opponent that stands in the way of Shanghai Dragon’s victory.

“Mr. 99” Ado


As the most popular and the signature hero of offense hero line in Overwatch, Genji is a must-play for many DPS players if they want to climb to the top of the ladder. There won’t be an OWL match highlight montage without a multi-kill from Genji’s Dragon Blade — Ado is the cold-blood cyborg ninja we need here.

Ado chose 99 as his jersey number when joining the Shanghai Dragons. 99 is not an easy number to bear, as only the most talented and ambitious personalities will choose the largest number to show their determination. Ado is just such an eye-catching DPS player, who often slices through enemies with his beautiful Dragon Blade plays.

Not only does Ado shares the responsibility on attacking end, but also forms an attacking trio with other two Korean players with no language barriers. In the future, Chinese lessons will be just as daily as training sessions for three Korean players, since they need to better communicate with Chinese teammates.

“Rice cooker” Sky


“Zhufanjun” (literally “rice cooker”) was Sky’s better-known name. After making his way into the OWL, he changed his game handle to the more international friendly “Sky”. However, many foreign Overwatch fans still won’t forget the performance displayed by a “rice cooker.“

Sky has been a long-time rival and an old friend to several members of Shanghai Dragons since pro tournaments in China last year. His joining will be the best gift for the players playing overseas. As a support player, Sky will make timely assists to his teammates to help them win the battle. However, Sky will need to prioritize flexibility on the support role as he comes to the stage of the OWL. He will confront violent attacks from the other team while sorting out of the mess brought by the ever-changing battlefield. It is believed that this top-tier Chinese support, with abundant experience in OWPS, will deliver excellent performances in future games.

Overwatch League represents the highest level of play of Overwatch esports. The meta-game is forever changing in the league, while Sky also looks forward to changing himself for even better with new identity and name. We know the fact that there are more than one Skies in the world of esports, but the Shanghai Dragons Sky is unique at this moment. We wish that “Sky” can carry on his “rice cooker” fame and continue to cook delicious meals for the eyes of global Overwatch fans, and also bring more energy to the team.

Overwatch League Stage 3 is going to kick off. Four new members will join the battle of a brand new stage. Shanghai Dragons are going to have more diverse tactical choices with the additions of players and adjustments in the coaching team. A new Shanghai Dragons are ready for challenges from opponents.

New stars bring new anticipations. It is the time for the eastern dragons to shine on the stage!