Shanghai skyline

상하이 드래곤즈

The only franchise from China is officially named Shanghai Dragons, or上海龙之队in Chinese. Under the lead of leading technology company NetEase, Shanghai Dragons will carry the dragons spirit of that which is sacred, powerful, and supreme to represent their home country on to the global esports stage.
상하이, 중국
diem - Min Sung Bae
diem Min Sung Bae
YOUNGJIN - YoungJin Jin
GuardiaN - JunHwan Jo
GuardiaN JunHwan Jo
Diya - Weida Lu
Diya Weida Lu
CoMa - Gyeong Woo Son
CoMa Gyeong Woo Son
DDing - Jinhyeok Yang
DDing Jinhyeok Yang
Luffy - Sunghyeon Yang
Luffy Sunghyeon Yang